April 7, 2024

Lake Bed Elopement, Las Vegas

Their love story

Before showing their beautiful lake bed elopement in Las Vegas, I would love to share their love story. Debbie & Cameron first met through a mutual friend on Riot Games’ Valorant in February 2021.

Cameron had just gotten back into the game, and his friend asked if he wanted to join his group because they needed a 5th player. Did someone say fate? 😉

They ended up getting to know each other through many Discord conversations, and finally met in person in LA around April 2021. They met in a group to get KBBQ together.

Their first date was at Cameron’s place. He invited her over to make homemade hard-shell tacos 🌮 His favorite memory from that night was when he guided Debbie on how to cut onions with a big knife. They had their moment when he placed his hand on hers, to guide her as she cut it.

Their favorite thing to do together as a couple is play Competitive Ranked in Valorant. One of the things that made Cameron fall for Debbie was how she interpreted and played their favorite game. 2 years later, Cameron is beyond impressed on how far Debbie has gone in the game. He thinks she’s so much better than him playing it, and he is ultimately impressed by her strategies, thinking and skills.

More love notes

For this next part where they write what they love about each other, I’m just going to put it in quotes and share exactly what they said,

“Debbie has a very bubbly and silly personality…She does this little dance where her arms open and close like a butterfly flapping their wings but at the same time she leans left-to-right bouncing on either foot. Debbie has many funny traits and says a lot of out-of-hand remarks throughout the day that makes me laugh hella hard. I honestly see myself in her and I believe that’s why we are very cohesive as a strong couple.” — Cameron

“Cameron has this thing where he will literally the most dramatic expression when he loves what he’s eating especially if it’s amazing Mexican food. I first noticed this when I introduced Korean food to him, it made me laugh so hard. Some funny traits that I noticed right away in Cameron is his hilarious side remarks. When something funny, weird, or scary happens Cam will react with a loud “OH” and that’s usually his signature remark that makes everyone in the room laugh.” — Debbie

Their lake bed elopement in Las Vegas was right before sunset. It was overcast weather with wind and it created a whimsical moody vibe. It was absolutely perfect.

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