April 7, 2024

Great Sand Dunes Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Alamosa

I feel healed in nature. Free. In wonder. The most beautiful golden sunset on the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado filled my soul. Adventure. Vastness. Space. I feel closer to God in nature. What beauty He created.

I have been coming to these dunes for years now. Every time I come here, it is to celebrate a new year and a new era. It is renewing and rejuvenating to be here in this incredible nature. It has become my happy place.

When the sunsets, golden rays or orange and red lay out over the dunes. It is a surreal experience. The pink sunset rolls on the dune hills from the far mountain side and leaves a pink glow. At the top of the highest dune it is usually empty so I have the space all to myself. It has become my favorite experience to do every time I visit Colorado.

Star Gazing at the Great Sand Dunes

Every time I visit the sand dunes, my twin brother and I stay for star gazing. We usually go in July during the summer time but we have not been lucky with clear skies. One of the best places to star gaze in on the star dune at the park. We have been able to see the stars in patches, but then we got clouds of patches also blocking a lot of the sky. Hopefully if you visit you can experience the best star gazing with very low light pollution!

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