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February 22, 2024

Mount Tammany Engagement Session

The Idea for the Surprise Proposal

To start, I scheduled a styled shoot elopement and Jac and Alec volunteered. As we were planning the elopement, Alec reached out to me and explained how he wanted to surprise Jac and propose to her during the photoshoot. I was ECSTATIC! I was so excited to see how shocked Jac would be.

Further, their Mount Tammany engagement session was a beautiful testament to their love. He finally proposed, and Jac could not have been more surprised. It was such an exciting moment.

Mount Tammany Engagement Session Story

On their very first date, Jac went to say hello to Alec for the first time, and she tripped and fell into his arms 🫶🏻 What a true romance movie moment 🥰

Their favorite thing to do together as a couple is to explore new food and drink venues ✨🥙 618 in Freehold is their go-to spot. Alec just took Jac there to celebrate her graduation, and Jac couldn’t help but imagine him proposing to her (she foreshadowed that it was coming pretty soon😉).

These two have the same witty humor, and never fail to make each other laugh in any given conversation. Alec also never hesitates to break out into song for Jac, and she loves his singing talent. As for Jac, he says that he truly loves how she has such a gift of impersonating people, and storytelling.

The Surprise Proposal

I couldn’t have been more excited for Alec to surprise Jac on our couples shoot with his proposal. We hiked up Mt. Tammany to the overlook of the Delaware Water Gap and the weather was overcast. It was perfect, and set the stage for a beautiful proposal scene for them. Alec and I had a code word that when I asked him if he needed a drink of water, it meant that he needed to grab the ring from his bag to put in his pocket…

As Jac was asking me about posing and what they could do next, I reassured her that they were doing great and looked super natural in the photos. Little did she know that the next pose would be Alec getting down on one knee…

It was absolutely spectacular. Jac was so surprised, so full of joy, so excited, some tears rolled down her cheeks, and she kept hugging Alec. She kept looking at her hand with a huge smile, and then looking back at Alec with an ever bigger smile.

These are the types of moments I cherish, and I’m so grateful to be a part of these incredible moments for couples. Cheers to Jac & Alec 🥳

More Information

The trail we walked for their Mount Tammany engagement session. Link to red and blue dot trail:


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