January 11, 2024

Nikkah Islamic Wedding Ceremony

Humira + Lionel’s Nikkah Islamic Wedding Ceremony 🤎

This was an extremely special day. Humira + Lionel had their wedding in a mosque and invited their closest friends and family for their Nikkah ceremony. The mosque was breathtaking with Arabic writings from the Holy Qur’an all over the wall and ceiling. The beauty was magnificent.

This ceremony was very special because there was so much religious significance for the family. The Nikkah ceremony is an Islamic tradition when the marriage contract gets signed and the bride and groom finally say 🤍 I do 🤍 Throughout the ceremony the Imam talked about the importance of marriage and its sacredness, and the beautiful bond of a husband and wife. My favorite part of the Imam’s speech “موده” or “mowada.” 🥺 It means the very unique and special bond between a husband and wife. The way the Imam explained it so in depth, and just learning what the deeper meaning was, had to be my favorite part.

Seeing Humira + Lionel’s family all so supportive, all so loving, with friends that couldn’t be happier for them was such a life-giving experience. I am so excited to share this Nikkah Islamic Wedding Ceremony and all of the beauty it encompassed 🤍

Nikkah Ceremony at the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton

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