January 11, 2024

Islamic Marriage Ceremony, Katb Ketab

To start, I had the honor of capturing Mo & Sara’s Islamic Marriage Ceremony, their Katb Ketab. Mo & Sara truly have a fairytale love story. ✨🤍🌲 I have been friends with Mo for a few years now, and when I finally met Sara, I saw two people who are made to be together. Their young love is so pure and innocent, and the type of love you dream of. Everyone at their Katb Ketab was able to see this…

As the heavy rain came down on them, nothing stirred their focus on their wedding day. They were at peace and ready to get married, no matter what happened on that day. The juxtaposition of the heavy rain to their peaceful ceremony was truly a sight to see. All of their close friends and family witnessed their holy marriage.

Also, I am so happy that they were able to have another wedding in Egypt a few months later with Mo’s family there, Alhamdulillah! May Allah bless their new marriage journey together and guide them.

Islamic Marriage Ceremony, Katb Ketab, at Mercer County Park

Further, after their ceremony, we went into the woods for their wedding portraits. We brought their gorgeous flower arbor as a backdrop for their photos as well. The rain, the clouds and the woods created a romantic vibe for all of their photos. Their love for each other radiated off of their faces.

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