April 13, 2023

Oregon Adventure Elopement

Elopement on the Oregon Coast

This has been one of the best weekends of my photography career EVER doing an adventure elopement in Oregon. I have so much to share! I am truly overflowing with gratitude from this amazing experience with such wonderful people.

To start, I flew to Portland, Oregon for an adventure elopement. I met my photographer bestie, Jen, at the Portland airport. We drove to Corvallis together to meet our bride and groom. Haley, our bride, and Matt, our groom, met at Oregon State University because they are in the same graduate school program. 

Further, the next morning we all went out to eat together at a local diner. The perfect way to start the day, over great breakfast food and deep conversations. It set a great tone for the day.

Afterward, we got everything ready for Haley & Matt’s adventure elopement. We got ready at Haley’s house. Jen and I did Haley’s hair and makeup. It was so much fun, just chatting and getting Haley ready! Then, the four of us piled into Matt’s car to drive west to the coast. We were headed to the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a state park in Otter Rock, Oregon.

Link to location:

Taking photos during golden hour and sunset

We arrived at the perfect time, to capture them in golden hour, sunset, and moody dark photos at night. We took them into the forest first, for beautiful fairytale portraits. The Oregon coast has a lush green plant life, and it was so stunning. We captured the bride and groom with green surrounding them, and golden light pouring over them. It was a beautiful moment. Also, we had a gorgeous flat lay for them: adventure books, vow books, flowers, champagne, hiking boots, high heels, the rings, their invitation (a typewritten note).

In addition, we captured the dark and moody vibes that we were going for. After the sunset, we had them run around the beach for moody photos. I personally think the dark vibe is super romantic.

Afterward, we all got dinner together in Newport, Oregon. We ate at the Chowder Bowl, which was so delicious. Nothing like warm chowder after a cold session by the water. The entire day was so wonderful. Amazing food and capturing beautiful photos with the best people, what else could I ask for in life?

Link to restaurant:

Adventure elopements all the way

Finally, adventure elopements are so special. You literally create the whole day’s experience, your way. Whether you decided to make your way out to Moab and toast to marriage in the middle of Arches National Park, or get married on the Oregon Coast, it is so unique. I am a huge nature lover, and seeing the combination of wedding photography and nature is just unmatched to me. If you are thinking of eloping in a national park, state park, or in a beautiful secluded nature area, DO IT. It is not only a fun adventure you will always remember, the photos are so fun, free, wild, and unique to you. Adventure elopements all the way.

Overall, I want to go back to the west coast ASAP. Now I have done photoshoots in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and I want to KEEP COMING BACK! I absolutely love the raw nature out west. It is truly life changing, especially to capture love in this amazing nature. If you live out west and want to work with me, please reach out ASAP! I am looking to book more work in the PNW, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming this year!

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  2. Mary says:

    You are so gifted ❤️your pictures capture such emotion and beauty and with grace and an ethereal quality that only use as a photographer possess ♥️

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