January 8, 2023

Vintage Intimate Backyard Wedding

The Beginning of the Story

11.07.21—A magical New Hope, PA evening with people who I just met, yet already felt like my friends. That’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Jacob & Cailey. Now, I could not be more excited to share their vintage intimate backyard wedding.

Bloomed into a Friendship

Further, I have had the honor of getting to know Jacob & Cailey as cherished friends, so capturing their intimate backyard wedding on October 13th, 2022, could not have been more special to me. I have never met a more intentional couple than Jacob & Cailey are. The love and devotion they show each other is so special and rare. And for anyone who knows them, you know exactly what I mean.

Intimate Backyard Wedding

Next, they had their wedding in their lovely home, or as we said the morning of, their picture perfect storybook home. Their home is just one of those places you do not want to leave. It is so warm, welcoming, cozy and just feels like you are in a vintage styled haven. That is what Jacob & Cailey are all about, welcoming and loving on all people who are in their life. That is my favorite thing about them.

Overall, their wedding was at the level of intention and detail I expected, from the details of their relationship box with their initials carved onto it with photos of them inside. The book of poems Jacob wrote for Cailey that she would be opening for the first time on her wedding day. The plan to go to their favorite restaurant in Montclair right after the ceremony. I was so full just being a witness to all this love flowing out of everyone that day. Their vintage intimate backyard wedding was extremely precious.

Lastly, Jacob & Cailey have their own fairytale story. So unique to them, finding their person, to spend the rest of their days together, of course with their favorite pup Riley by their side. I love you both and could not be happier looking back at these photos, it really means the world.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Wilder <33333333 I feel blessed to be your friend.

Vendors for their intimate backyard wedding:

Makeup – Makeup by Stacy Suarez:

Hair – Lainie Max Hair:

Nails – Nails by Cails on Instagram:

Other intimate weddings I have done:

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  1. Mary ann says:

    Again the mirrors are such an intimate touch showing so much more than just a reflection ❤️New Hope vibes 🙌🙌

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