April 7, 2024

Summer Princeton University Wedding

Their love story

These two have such a special and holy love. ✨🕊️ Their summer Princeton University wedding was a dream. I asked them as a fun way of getting to know their relationship, “What 5 words would you use to describe you two as a couple?” Sometimes people give me 5 words describing them, or traits they share. But they responded: “Lost in our own world.” That was the most unique response I have ever received. And the most accurate description of these two…

Alex & Rebecca first met at Penstock Coffee Roasters. They started out as coworkers, then friends, then something more… After getting to know each other, going out, and listening to their coworkers nudge them to talk more, they finally fell for each other. They’ve been inseparable since…

Their second date was one of their favorite memories. They walked around the park next to their job and it was the first time they felt like they had their guard down. The weather was great until it wasn’t, and they got caught in a torrential downpour. They were soaked in the first 30 seconds, so they leisurely walked back just embracing it.

Summer Princeton University Wedding at Stone Hill Church

They decided to have an intimate church ceremony with their closest family and friends to witness their holy matrimony. It was a day filled with so much joy, extensive love and celebration for these two.

Alex & Rebecca decided to do a first “touch” instead of a first look. They used this moment to privately connect before the ceremony, share words of encouragement to each other, and still see each other for the first time coming down the aisle.

They wanted their wedding portraits at Princeton University, and it was truly magical. The eclectic scenery we were able to utilize was an adventure. I can’t stop hearing the song Francesca by Hozier when I reminisce on their photos.

It’s been an honor capturing these memories. Mr. & Mrs. Parlitsis, everyone. 🤍

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