January 4, 2024

St. Petersburg, FL Wedding at Poynter Institute

First off, I had the honor of capturing Mr. & Mrs. Roche’s wedding in St. Petersburg, Florida at Poynter Institute. I flew from New Jersey on a Friday night to Tampa with the excitement of spending the whole weekend in Florida. Brenna and Billy chose the most gorgeous venue: The Poynter Institute. Here are some sneak peaks of the wedding at Poynter Institute to get this blog started:

The Connection

To start, I am so thrilled to mention that Brenna found me through her friend. After Brenna saw the elopement photos I did, she knew she wanted to book me for her wedding. The photos I did were actually an elopement styled shoot, using my dear friends as models who were already married. This is a huge reason why I tell people to do styled shoots of their ideal elopements, and show what you want to shoot! It truly creates the opportunities for you to do ideal work!

The Detail Photos at Poynter Institute

The First Look

Next, Brenna and Billy had their first look by a beautiful fountain on the USF campus in St. Petersburg. We had the most pleasant weather that day, warm and sunny. The flowers encircling the area were such an incredible added touch to the environment. They were so excited to see each other, and Billy was smiling so hard seeing his bride-to-be in her stunning wedding dress. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole day, their sheer happiness when they see each other for the first time.

Family Portraits

Further, we chose the same fountain location we used for the first look to do the family portraits. Everyone was extremely excited for the ceremony. The family was so emotional to be getting their portraits done with the bride and groom before the ceremony. We couldn’t have had better scenery for these portraits as well. The beautiful pink flowers were truly an added compliment to all their portraits.

Wedding Party Portraits in St. Petersburg, FL

In all, the wedding party really was a PARTY! There were so many laughs and so many cheers for this part of the day. We had a blast taking their portraits by the bay outside of the Poynter Institute by the water. Brenna & Billy were surrounded by their absolute closest friends and family in their wedding party.

Ceremony Outside of Poynter Institute

Further, the ceremony was outside next to the bay surrounded by the beautiful white boats. Their ceremony was right next to the water, with a wooden flower arbor for them to stand under. Tears, laughs, and many cheers were shared throughout the ceremony. Brenna’s big smile says it all. They had a 15 minute ceremony and Brenna’s mom shared a beautiful poem at the start. Mr. & Mrs. Roche were thrilled after they were pronounced husband and wife.

Wedding Portraits in St. Petersburg, Florida

Next, the wedding portraits were truly a day dream! We had bubbles fly around them as they kissed which made for a dreamlike haze over them. Also, we loved using her veil to get beautiful close ups. Brenna & Billy were so free spirited and happy together, which made for the most romantic portraits.

Poynter Institute Reception

In addition to a beautiful ceremony, the reception was fabulous! The Poynter Institute has large mahogany walls that are breathtaking. There was also a splash of green on every table which complimented the aesthetic of the whole environment! This was one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever seen for a wedding reception. These also have a gorgeous long staircase inside, and infinity pools right outside with a walkway beside them.

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The Whole St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Experience

Furthermore, Brenna’s wedding was a sunny, golden, Florida day dream of a wedding! With the fountain on the USF campus so close to the Poynter Institute, we were able to utilize the area for portraits. The blue water, the pink flowers shimmering down and surrounding the area was breathtaking.

Overall, their Florida Wedding at Poynter Institute was absolutely gorgeous. Brenna was the most fun, free spirited, boho bride I ever worked with! She was an absolute dream and I am so grateful that I was able to work with her! The whole wedding could not have been more excited for Mr. & Mrs. Roche and that was a beautiful thing to witness. Sunny Florida gives the best vibes for warm wedding days. For more of my weddings, click here:

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