January 19, 2022

Phenomenal Podcasts (Part 1)

Podcasts that are helping me grow: personally, spiritually, and in my business.

  1. The Heart & Hustle Podcast by Evie Rupp & Lindsey Roman
  2. Learn To Launch by Nicola Dixon
  3. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield
  4. Rich Dad Radio Show by The Rich Dad Radio Network
  5. Money Guy Show by Brian Preston and Bo Hanson

The Heart and Hustle:

The Heart and Hustle is my absolute #1. I cannot begin to explain how much value Lindsey and Evie add to their episodes because I don’t have hours here. Yes, hours, I would need to explain everything I’ve gained from them. From improving my mindset, to being more efficient and productive in life, to my personal growth spiritually, to having a legally legit business, to the best books to read as a business owner, and SOOO MUCH MORE. Another huge benefit of their podcast is that they have amazing guest speakers come on with such inspiring and interesting stories. For example, in their recent epidsode, they had Chris Bello on as a guest who is a very successful real estate agent in Texas. I vibed with his story and outlook so much. I was then led to his podcast as well, which I now listen to. The first episode I listened to, he had Tony Whatley speak and it was PHENOMENAL. I now want to research Tony Whatley and his podcast too. This all snow-balled from the original Heart & Hustle podcast where I was exposed to these new people. Therefore, it not only has fire content itself, but it leads you to more inspiring figures out there today. Further, this podcast has especially helped me grow spiritually. Lindsey and Evie are very open about religion and how it is the foundation of their life. I appreciate how open they are and how they do not hide their true selves. Their podcast is so great because it not only talks about how to be a better business owner, they go in depth on the emotional side and struggles that entrepreneurs face all the time. They are so real and refreshing and I recommend giving their podcast a listen.

Quizzes I heard about from their podcast that have helped me narrow down who I am and my needs right now:

  1. Enneagram test
  2. Rest Quiz

Learn To Launch:

This podcast was equivalent to my food and water when I first started my photography business. Everything I needed was in this podcast. Nicola has so many amazing US photographers on the show to talk about their own businesses. It was exactly what I needed in that moment and Nicola gives so much value in each episode for photographers. Now, she expanded even more, and includes launching digital products. Not only for photographers, but for anyone needing help learning how to launch a digital product. She discusses how to write copy on your website that converts (Kaitlyn Parker was the guest), why you should create styled shoots as a beginner photographer (Rebecca Carpenter was the guest), how to make SEO your best friend (Catalina Jean was the guest), how to create a badass brand (Pia Silva was the guest), and so so so much more. Nicola adds so much more to her podcast by expanding and incorporating how to launch digital products. Highly recommend this podcast for my photographers out there.

Online Marketing Made Easy:

Amy Porterfield is a new person that I’m following and she’s ROCK SOLID with her value. She is so helpful for me right now with teaching me her marketing tricks. I love her podcast so much like seriously SHE IS PHENOMENAL. She is also just a cutie. Amy talks about all the things entrepreneurs should know to be successful in their sales, purpose, marketing, like she covers it all. She talks about the importance of “showing up” online for the people who follow you and look up to you. My favorite episode of hers that she had with Ivirlei Brookes talks about how important it is to be yourself in your business, show up without having to be perfect, and stay true to your passion or what resonates with you in life. I am fairly new to Amy’s podcast so I will stop here with my description; I am still learning about how awesome she is and what she offers in her episodes.

Rich Dad Radio Show:

Disclaimer: Sometimes this show gets too focused on politics, but the concepts this show has exposed me to in the past, plus the insider information I received, was so worth it. I suggest listening to his earlier episodes before politics became a lot more integrated in his episodes. Robert is very blunt and is not concerned with how he comes off, as a side note.

With that, I love Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. They host this podcast together as husband and wife. This is my OG podcast that I vibed with so hard from day 1 with his early episodes about finance. He takes a very different approach on how to make money and why he thinks the school system is not helpful at all for learning about money. Side note to explain how I got so connected to the show: I am very interested in the military and my inspiration Denise Jelinski-Hall (who held the highest enlisted position ever by a women in US military history) looked up to Robert Kiyosaki. I saw his name in her book and then listened to his podcast even more. Ever since, I’ve listened to his podcast and have found out so much new information from it. It’s all about personal finance, how the US and global economy works, political and economic relationships, and so much more. They talk about the US Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world. On some episodes, Robert and Kim really go in depth on how these banks operate with the pros and cons to them. I love learning about the economy, politics, and finance, and they just tie them all together. I’ve gained SOOOOOOOO MUCH from them on their show. They think outside the box and they are such inspiring entrepreneurs. They really take a unique approach to finance and are not afraid to disagree with popular beliefs.

Money Guy Show:

Talk about the cutest southern accent personal finance gurus. The Money Guy Show is hosted by Brian Preston and Bo Hanson and they’re so good at giving you tips / tricks on how to manage your personal finances. First off, what makes this podcast extra special is that Brian and Bo are like family. They are such a great team together and very good co-hosts as well. These two share stellar financial habits to adopt and ways they stay on top of their goals. I have heard such great advice on how to manage your finances and your life from them. They discuss debt, investing, lessons from Warren Buffet, saving, 401(k), retiring, the FIRE movement, estate planning, and sooooooo many other useful topics. I have been listening to their show for a while now, and it is just so healthy for my financial mindset. They reiterate very important concepts about personal finance in each episode. One of the lessons they always bring up is compounding interest. If you start investing your money at a young age, by the time you are 65, your money had so many years to compound for you. They call it your “army of dollar bills,” and I crack up every time. They really become your financial mentor, and I recommend this show to my fellow 20 year-olds needing financial help.

In all, for anyone new to podcasts, I highly recommend you start listening to them while you drive, work out, shower, eat, etc. I have my absolute favorites and then some I just dabble in to learn new information and get exposure to other industries. They are so helpful because podcasts are basically listening in on successful people’s inside conversations. You cannot beat it. It is crazy that it is free too. Their is so much value waiting for you in podcasts. If you try mine out and they do not align with you, please listen to ones closer to your industry or niche because they will change your life. I can honestly say THESE PODCASTS CHANGED MY LIFE SO MUCH. I am so much more knowledgeable after listening to these podcasts and learning all the tips from very successful people. I hope you all can find your own and enjoy them as much as me.

So much love,

Ally <3

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